One connection can change a life.

Connect. Inspire. Sustain.

We work where help is needed most; where poverty is extreme and ecosystems are fragile.


Our mission is to end extreme poverty in remote rural areas through sustainable solutions that preserve biodiversity and inspire global citizenship.


We envision a world where basic needs are met for all people, serving as a foundation for self-sustainability and environmental stewardship.

We put 100% of your donations to work.

How We’re Different


We take a holistic approach to solving the poverty equation. We consider people, planet and animals.


We look for solutions that meet the needs of the people without compromising the natural environment, leading to long-term self-sufficiency and sustainability.


We seek solutions that combat human-wildlife conflicts, deforestation, over fishing, poaching and climate change, which are felt more closely by those living in remote rural areas.


We identify and partner with local leaders to implement sustainable solutions. The only way to break the cycle of poverty is to listen and learn from those who live it everyday.


We respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of the villages we work with. If something fails, we learn from it, and make it better.