Just One Humanity takes a process-driven, community-centric approach to helping villages in developing nations who want to improve their lives. We take a holistic approach to solving the poverty equation. We consider people, planet and animals. We understand that each are interlaced and all must be addressed to ensure sustainability.

We want to put an end to extreme poverty while preserving the planet for future generations to come. Our solutions are not short term, yes they help people in the present but we want to ensure their long term sustainability for future generations to enjoy.

Often times, conservation and poverty are treated as two separate initiatives. But in fact, they are closely related. Human-wildlife conflicts, deforestation, over fishing, poaching, climate change effects are felt more closely by those who live in these remote rural areas. Conservation priorities need to be addressed on a local level. We focus on pro-poor conservation initiatives in every village we work with.

With every project, the local villagers are involved in every step of the way. When we build a clinic, the village lays bricks. When we construct a borehole, the village digs the holes. We work together as a team, each one of us humbly doing are part to complete the project. Everyone learns together along the way. When each individual take part in the process, they take ownership and feel proud of what they have accomplished.

We look for solutions that not only meet the need of the people but also do not compromise the natural environment.

How We Work

1. Identify communities in need.

2. Perform needs assessment through community liaisons.

3. Engage local contractors and partners to execute the work.

4. Provide training for villages to maintain and perpetuate aid provided.

5. Coordinate quarterly progress reports to support village resiliency and continued donor support.

We approach each every situation with an open mind, we work to build respect and trust within the communities we work in. With their acceptance, we build a plan to meet the most pressing issues. We listen, learn and solve the needs together. We look for solutions that are integrated, scalable, and sustainable.