Join Us

1. Fundraise – Create an online fundraising page through Crowdrise or Kickstarter to share with co-workers, family and friends.

Host a Just One Humanity day at your school, job, community center. Throw a party and have guests donate in lieu of a gift. Join a local run, and sport Just One Humanity for your cause.

2. Donate – Just One dollar may not seem like much, and you’re right. But imagine if everyone in your class, your neighborhood or your city donated just one dollar? Imagine the possibilities! It starts with just one individual, one community, one common purpose, to make a difference in this world.

At Just One Humanity, we are transparent in our use of funding. 100% of your donations go directly into the work we do. If there is an area that interests you in particular, know that your funds will go directly to that. If you would like to make a general donation, we will use where it is needed most! Donate Now>>

3. Share – We believe in the power of one. Share our cause on social media, send an email on our behalf, or tell a friend! We all know the power of social media and word of mouth. Be a voice for humanity and share our cause with others. You can also sign up for our newsletters and stay updated on our project progress and stories from our villages.

4. Volunteer – Just One Humanity is putting together a formal volunteer and research program in the areas we work. If you would like to volunteer or donate your time or services, please email This information will be available on our website soon.