Our Work

Focus Areas:

Health – Addressing preventable disease and death.noun_185225color1 (1)

  • Building clinics to serve rural villages
  • Organizing volunteer nurses and doctors
  • Providing basic medications and healthcare
  • Providing soap and other hygiene supplies

Education – Facilitating education and training for adults and children.

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  • Improving adult literacy
  • Supplying children with school supplies
  • Building classrooms
  • Offering teacher housing
  • Offering community education classes

Water – Securing safe drinking water for families.

  • Creating of new boreholesnoun_117882color2
  • Rain catchment devices
  • Water filtration systems
  • Water testing

Food – Improving food availability, minimizing carbon footprint.

  • Teaching organic farming techniquesnoun_96053color1
  • Animal husbandry training
  • Growing community gardens
  • Providing micro-loans to local villagers

Environment- Conserve biodiversity for people, planet and animals.

  • Fuel-efficient stoves
  • Tree plantingnoun_40436color1 (1)
  • Environmental education
  • Predator-proof kraals
  • Finding solutions to human-wildlife conflict
  • Waste management

Where we work:

Our work focuses on disadvantaged rural communities in developing countries. We seek out communities that receive little or no assistance from their government, NGO’s or other organizations. Our flagship projects are based in Malawi and Tanzania but we hope to expand into other countries as we grow our community of donors, partnerships and volunteers.

Current Locations: Lilongwe, Malawi | Salima, Malawi | Tanga, Tanzania | Arusha, Tanzania

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