Livestock Management

As part of our livestock management program, we provide hens to families in need. Eggs provide a great amount of protein and nutritional value for the families. Because we care greatly for the hens we distribute, the families must first attend our training class.

Upon completion of training hens are distributed, ten to each family. Within one week hen housing must be constructed and approved by our team.

Our program does not allow for the hens to be killed for meat. We believe the hens will provide more for families by laying eggs in the long term rather than killing them for one meal.

Our training program demonstrates proper handling, housing and welfare for all of the hens in our communities.

Our livestock program is currently in 4 villages in Salima, Malawi and will be expanding into 9 more villages in 2017. Over 14,000 Malawians will benefit from this program by the end of the year.