Water Security

Water is life, but yet across the globe, 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water. Developing countries across the globe struggle each day to find drinkable water. Many have walk long distances, 4 or more kilometers, while others find water in streams, lakes and other water catchment systems. Many have to boil their water before they can drink it.

At Just One Humanity, water is our number one priority before we commence any other work. We first make sure their is access to water for all villagers as water is the basis of everything else we do. Without water, health is compromised, food cannot be grown and everyone suffers. Once water is secured in the area, we assess the other needs to be addressed.

We scout out the most rural village areas, ones that are not serviced by any aid or government organizations. We then collect data on the current water situation, whether they have broken, stolen or any boreholes and how many they need based on the population. Currently, we use a 400 persons max per borehole in our villages. So if a village has a population of 1200, we make sure there are a minimum of 3 boreholes.

To date, we have fixed 6 boreholes and dug 11 new ones. These 16 boreholes provide water for more than 6400 people in Malawi. In 2017, during digging season, we plan to dig 25 additional boreholes.

IMG_3069 Borehole fix. Just One Humanity. Children at borehole. Just One Humanity