Aja Estro

Aja Estro, M.A., has bridged her expertise in project development, marketing, and activism to help communities in extreme poverty develop sustainable solutions that preserve biodiversity and inspire global citizenship.For the past eight years, Aja has successfully led corporate initiatives and managed teams in order to network and gain support. Since childhood, Aja has been an avid volunteer with environmental and animal service organizations and her Masters in Global Sustainability only furthered her passion and inspired her to use her skills to make a difference in the world.  She has conducted research in human-wildlife conflicts and community based natural resource management. She is an advocate for grassroots initiatives and community empowerment. A global minded and dynamic communicator, Aja encourages local leaders to work together and implement innovative action plans. She is currently working with Universities to spread awareness and build public partnerships. Under Aja’s leadership, Just One Humanity is reaching those most in need and pushing the boundaries of international collaboration.